Smoothie King's Dark Chocolate Smoothie Review #SmoothieKing

I was provided a gift card in order to review this product. However all opinions shared are mine.

La La Land Mommy: Smoothie King's Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Smoothie Review

La La Land Mommy: Smoothie King‘s Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Smoothie Review


Smoothie King is a restaurant who is known for their great tasting healthy smoothies. November 17th they launched their Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate smoothies. These smoothies come in 3 flavors. You have the option to choose between strawberry , orange, and mint. All three smoothies are still guaranteed to be healthy and under 300 calories. Isn’t that great you can indulge yourself and still be healthy.

In order to get the word out about these great smoothies I was one of a select few given a gift card to try one of these smoothies out. I was thrilled cause I am a huge chocolate lover and I love smoothies as well. I finally got the chance to try one today. I chose to try the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Orange. I didn’t waste anytime either. As soon as I was given my cup I gave it a try. From the first sip I was met with a  wonderful mixture of chocolate and orange. This went on for every sip I took. It was so refreshing. The weather was kind of warm today so this drink matched perfectly with the weather. I let Tyler and Nishe’ try it as well and they liked how it taste as well. They said that they couldn’t taste the orange at first but they could after a few sips. I think that these smoothies are the perfect smoothies to be added to the Smoothie King menu. They really taste great. Well the orange one I tried tasted great. I have no doubt that the other two flavors taste just as good. Below

If you went to Smoothie King today which one of the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate smoothies would you try?

Pic Courtesy of Smoothie King

Pic Courtesy of Smoothie King


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