Kroger’s Taste of Mexico Celebration

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La La Land Mommy Kroger's Taste of Mexico Celebration 2

La La Land Mommy: Kroger’s Taste of Mexico Celebration

A few months ago Kroger had their Taste of Mexico campaign. I must say I really enjoyed it. I though that it was so much fun. Thanks to Bzzagent I was given the opportunity to participate in it. I was excited to participate. Especially since my children and I have been having fun experimenting with new foods as of late. I couldn’t wait to try this. Continue reading

I Was Forced To Put My Phone Down: The 4 Things I Gained From It

La La Land Mommy: I Was Forced To Put My Phone Down

La La Land Mommy: I Was Forced To Put My Phone Down

Last week I was forced to go 3 days without my phone. It was working fine Saturday but then Sunday it just refused to turn on. After going back and forth with my phone company and trying every trouble shooting technique known to man. Which I actually tried before calling them. Yes I have been through this routine before. I also tried leaving the phone plugged in for 24 hours like I had suggested on the internet. When I saw YouTube videos suggesting to take the phone apart to charge I decided I had had enough. So I sucked it up and put the $8 insurance on the phone which I was trying to avoid doing so that I could get a replacement phone. Continue reading

My IdealShape Review #IdealShape

La La Land Mommy: My IdealShape Review #IdealShape

La La Land Mommy: My IdealShape Review #IdealShape

For the past few years I have been struggling with weight loss. It’s not that my body refuses to shed in weight cause I know that it is possible. It is basically fighting my laziness. I have these spurts to where I am really energized and I can go days sometimes even months with a regular exercise routine and then for one reason or another I will stop. I have plenty of excuses. Let’s see I get bored and I’m tired tops the list. I basically try to take advantage of my spurts hoping they will last longer. Well this past summer I have been having a desire to exercise. Oh sure I have fallen off on occasion but I can proudly say I have more ups than downs. One thing that has kept me motivated this month is I have been given the opportunity to review some  IdealShape products. IdealShape is a is a company located in Lindon, Utah that offers products that helps you stop your hunger. I believe this is one of my problems. I have the hardest time not feeling constantly hungry. Before Idealshape I was drinking water to trick my body that it was full and then trying to train myself to the fact that I do not always need to eat because my body says I need it. Continue reading

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