Me & A 30 Day Fitness Challenge

La La Land Mommy: Me & A 30 Day Fitness Challenge 2

I have been trying for the longest to get serious about losing weight. I have been off and on for years. I find that when I'm on it and when I'm not I'm not. I would prefer to stay on but I am a work in progress. Well last month I was on. My friend  got a group  of us together and encouraged us to take part in a 30 day fitness challenge. There was no prize or anything but just a group of us encouraging each other to be active. :: Keep Reading ::

Introducing Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars & A Giveaway

La La Land Mommy: Introducing Nature Valley Simple Nut Bar

  Nature Valley has been known for years for their delicious and healthy products. They have created granola bars, protein bars, breakfast biscuits, and oatmeal. Many of which that we have all come to love. My favorite product is their granola bars but that is slowly changing since I tried their newest products. The Nature Valley Simple Nut Bar is the newest product from Nature Valley. The Nature Valley Simple Nut Bar has only 7 :: Keep Reading ::

Monster High: Scaris City of Frights Blu-Ray/Dvd Combo Giveaway


Moms and Dads make your Monster High fans' day by entering this awesome giveaway for the latest Monster High Dvd. Monster High: Scaris City of Frights is the next Blu-Ray/ Dvd  combo in the Monster High. The latest movie hit stores July 7th. This DVD stars Clawdeen Wolf. Clawdeen gets the opportunity to be the apprentice for a famous legendary fashion designer named Madam Ghostier. The apprenticeship gives her and her friends the opportunity to :: Keep Reading ::

Free Back To School Supplies

La La Land Mommy: Free Back To School Supplies

School will be opening in a few weeks. So many parents like myself will be shopping for school supplies soon. But there are a few who may not be able to afford to buy everything on the list. Did you know that there are some places around Georgia that are giving away back to school supplies? I have put together a list of paces where you can get some free back to school supplies for your little ones to start their school year. :: Keep Reading ::

Stepping Out On Fate

La La Land Mommy: Stepping Out On Fate

  Sometimes in life you have no choice but to step out on fate. I feel that if you always wait to do the things you want to do you will forever be waiting. You have to shed all your worries and what ifs. If you continue to think about what could happen you will scare yourself out of the opportunity to live your dreams and be successful. What if you had gone ahead and earned that degree you wanted or took that opportunity to travel. Where :: Keep Reading ::