Free Educational Printables For Kids To Do During Summer Vacation


   For most families across the country schools are closing for summer vacation. They have big plans for the summer such as vacations and other fun activities. I know I want my kids to enjoy their summer vacation but I also want them to remember some of the things that they learn. So usually during the summer they work out of workbooks or at online websites. Did you know kids tend to forget about 2 months of learning during the two :: Keep Reading ::

Pay It Forward With Your Vote

Coca-Cola Pay It Forward

This post is sponsored by Coca-Cola. All opinions expressed are my own. The time has come for the winner of the Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Academy contest to be chosen. Coke wants your help to do that. With your vote a deserving teen can go to the Pay It Forward Academy hosted by Steve Harvey. You get to choose between 30 Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Finalists. You can find out more about the finalists by checking out their videos. The winner of :: Keep Reading ::

Learning To Forgive Myself 


   Last week I found myself looking in my mirror and apologizing to myself. I know that sounds weird but it's something I felt I had to do. Mainly because I out of anyone am my toughest critic. No one hurts me more than me. I have the hardest time allowing myself to make a mistake or even thinking I can succeed at something I'm trying to do.  <–!more–> Last week I was having a hard time coming up with a solution to a problem :: Keep Reading ::

Tyler's First Band Jamboree

La La Land Mommy: Tyler's First Band Jamboree

This weekend I was so proud of my son Tyler. He had his first band jamboree. He has been practicing after school for three weeks straight. Sometimes the practices didn't end until about eight at night. But he handled it all. He was such a trooper. I think that he did great for his first time. He is such a strong young man. The practices taught him stamina and how to hold his drum along with the music. Then he would come home and do whatever :: Keep Reading ::

Head & Shoulders  For Textured Hair Review 

La La Land Mommy: Head & Shoulders For Textured Hair Review

I am a member of BZZAGENT. I received these products free for review purposes. All opinions are  my own.    I've been a lover of Head &  Shoulders for as long as I can remember. As a person who has dealt with having a dry scalp and dandruff all my life I need a product that will help fight it. I've tried different brands if shampoo and conditioners but Head &  Shoulders is the product that seemed to work the best. :: Keep Reading ::